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By signing up to CashSignups, you agree to the following conditions:

A) Limitation of Liability - CashSignups will not be liable for any loss of earnings or lost business opportunities or any other indirect consequential damages from using CashSignups.

B) Accounts Per Household - The maximum number of accounts per household is 1 per IP. Any attempt to breach this rule will lead to a permanent ban.

C) Proxys - Accounts must be created using a valid ISP IP and not through a proxy server.

D) Signups - You are required to follow the instructions outlined within the task. More than 3 denied signups sequentially will result in a permanent ban.

E) Advertising Sites - The following categories of sites are banned under this agreement and listing these sites will result in a loss of credits.
1) Gambling, Porn, Tobacco or Alcohol.
2) Illegal Downloads
3) Malware or Downloads
4) Completing a survey/offer
5) Known Scam Sites

F) Paid Signups - Any task must be free to signup to. No credit card information must be entered.

G) Genuine Signups - Any advertiser denying genuine signups will be banned.

H) Countries - All countries are allowed however you must have a basic understanding of English and be over 18.

I) E-Mails - By signing up to CashSignups you agree to receive emails from us.

J) TOS - We reserve the right to change these terms and users are reminded to check these terms regularly.